• Installation of Server Operating System ( Microsoft Windows )
  • Installation & configuration of tape backup unit and software
  • Installation of Corporate Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam software
  • Create and configure user accounts on network server
  • Configure user security and permissions on network server
  • Configure UPS hardware & software on network server
  • Installation of network printers on server & configure printer permissions and security
  • Configure server and workstations for corporate email
  • Configure network server for remote management
  • Configure Server for remote email access



  • Configure all workstations for server and network access 
  • Installation and configuration of Corporate Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam software
  • Installation of network printers on workstations ( as required )
  • Configure email client on workstations
  • Configure Internet connectivity on workstations


Network Infrastructure

  • Design a solution that fits your needs
  • Install Ethernet Switch hardware and configure network cabling
  • Connect & configure Internet access
  • Install network Firewall appliance and configure Internet security
  • Test all network cabling to ensure connectivity
  • Install CAT-5e or CAT-6 Ethernet cabling to all desired locations


Wireless Networking

  • Installation of  Wireless Access Point (WAP) and configuration of clear-channel secure connectivity
  • Configuration of laptops, workstations and other wireless devices for wireless network connectivity
  • Installation of WAP(s) for building-wide secure wireless connectivity
  • Installation of secure wireless point-to-point links for interconnection of your office buildings*


* Line of sight required



  • Provide recommendations for network infrastructure upgrade or replacement
  • Produce "state of the network" reports with recommended changes/updates/replacements
  • Budget planning